Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was definitely refreshing. We went to a christian village. It was AMAXING to be around such a HUGE group of Indian Christians! While we were there, an older woman walked over to me so I could pray for her. I called Yareth & Emily over to lay hands on her. She had problems with her vision, so we prayed. Her vision was low, as Gletseal described.
We all prayed for her & eavh time her vision improved. It was amazing to see too. When we first started praying for her, her eyes were cloudy and white with cataracts, but as we continued to pray, God restored her vision and the cloudy white color disappeared from her pupils!!!

God just keeps teaching me so much about faith. As I'm writing, God is convicting me saying, "You have faith for their healings, why not for your won?" I'm still working on that...

Someday, I'll never have to wear glasses or contacts again... I know it! :)

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