Sunday, December 19, 2010

My new adventure

Dear family, friends, and church family,

As most of you know, I have been believing in faith that I would be going to the International House of Prayer (or IHOP) in January, but I hadn't heard back from them of my acceptance or denial.

Well, on December 16th 2010, I was ACCEPTED into the Fire in the Night internship at IHOP.

Here's a little exerpt from the page to give you more of an idea of what I'll be doing:
"Fire in the Night is a residential internship program that is joined to the NightWatch, our faithful musicians and intercessors who joyously embrace the most challenging part of the twenty-four-hour prayer schedule. They stand their watch on the wall of intercession between the hours of midnight and 6:00am. This internship is for young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty.

For too long, the night has been known for being filled with spiritual darkness. We believe that the night belongs to the Lord. While most people are sleeping and while many deeds of darkness are defrauding lost souls, Fire in the Night stands in stark contrast, crying out in prayer for justice and revival to break in on the earth, and is involved in outreaches and ministering to others in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The program consists of two separate three-month tracks. Track I is an introduction to the foundational teachings of a believer. Track II continues with the same themes but with deeper studies and ministry experience.

and a video so you can hear directly from Mike Bickle, the founder, and past interns from this program about what I'll be doing :)

So now, here's the reason that I feel led to participate in this internship for a season of my life.
While I was at the Honor Academy, during one of the fasting retreats that we did, we focused on trying to pull our mission statements for our lives together using different reservoirs of our lives. Mine came out to be: "I will serve as a light to the world by my example of poisitive living due to the gaining of a new life in Christ. I will act as a fulltime intercessor and use my talents and gifts to artistically influence today's culture. God will frequently pour out new revelations and insights as I seek to reveal the truth that is the heart of God.
This is important because about a week and a half after we completed our fasting LTE, I was introduced to IHOP. When I found their site, I wanted to learn more about them, so I checked out there mission statement, and guess what? Their mission statement was like 90% the same as mine!!!!
So I started praying about what I needed to do after the Honor Academy year finished up, and God kept throwing IHOP out there. I was dead set on doing another long term internship, but there was only one that they had that was longer than 3 months (or so I thought), and that was the Onething internship. I was super set on going to that one, but nothing was falling together as I felt it should so I stepped back and prayed about it, and God directed me toward Fire in the Night. It also CAN be a 6 month internship. It has 2 tracks of 3 months. PERFECT! :)

I applied and got accepted and now, it's only 3 weeks away. AND I need some help to get there :)
It's going to cost me $4,200 in total, but only the first $2,200 is due when I get there. Three months later is when I'll need the remaining $2,000 (but they said it's a good idea to start fundraising for that track as soon as possible as well). With my schedule the way it is, it makes it hard to do fundraisers like I would like to. So this is one of the only ways that I will be able to utilize fundraising to get where I need to be.

This IS going to be a missions focused internship, we will be focusing on doing works of justice in the Kansas City community as well as being in the prayer room and having classes. I WILL NOT be making money while I am there, so I am asking the Church (being the entire body of believers), or anybody who would like to, to consider supporting me. I will be posting information on how you can donate on the sidebars as well as at the end of this blog post. I will need all of my money (for first track) turned in ($2,200) by January 12th which is the first day of the internship.

if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at
Thank You SO SO SO MUCH!!! :)
Be Blessed

Here is the donation information:
Credit or Debit over the phone:
Call Business Office at 816-763-0200 x2201.
Tell them you want to donate to Kyle Clark in the Fire in the Night program starting on January 12th 2011.
they should guide you the rest of the way