Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was definitely refreshing. We went to a christian village. It was AMAXING to be around such a HUGE group of Indian Christians! While we were there, an older woman walked over to me so I could pray for her. I called Yareth & Emily over to lay hands on her. She had problems with her vision, so we prayed. Her vision was low, as Gletseal described.
We all prayed for her & eavh time her vision improved. It was amazing to see too. When we first started praying for her, her eyes were cloudy and white with cataracts, but as we continued to pray, God restored her vision and the cloudy white color disappeared from her pupils!!!

God just keeps teaching me so much about faith. As I'm writing, God is convicting me saying, "You have faith for their healings, why not for your won?" I'm still working on that...

Someday, I'll never have to wear glasses or contacts again... I know it! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's finally here.

The day that the Global Expeditions call center has been working for all year.

Through the burn-out, exaustion, stress, and all of the other struggles we've faced with no proof that what we were doing has been for any benefit, we pushed on...knowing that it would all be worth it in the end...

The end is finally here.


On Monday, the missionaries are FINALLY ARRIVING!!!!!! Team Leaders came yesterday, and Missionary Advisors came today!!!! Missionary arrival day is almost here.

We have fought for these kids and groups to get here ALL YEAR LONG!
First, we fought to get them applied.
App 4 pages of 4, Application fee, parent authorization, pastor reccomendations, pending, COMPLETE!!!
Over and over. 4,000+ times.

App 4/4, app fee, parent auth, pastor rec...Silly GE Rep! error, wait 24 hours, pending...complete!!!!

1st call, 2nd call, group deposit, 50% deadline, ticketing..., Travel Release forms, Background Checks, Passports, 100% deadline ARRIVAL DAY!!!!!!

Day after day, this is what it looked like.

From Early September - mid june.

This is what my life looked like.

"It's a great day at Global Expeditions, this is Kyle, how can I help you?"
"Hi, this is Kyle from Global Expeditions, do you have a minute to talk?"

Millions of times I've spoken these words. After hours and hours of talking on the phones, endless notes, benchmarks, trip codes, trip letter dates.

I've spoken to many varieties of parents: angry parents, excited parents, nervous parents, parents who are afraid to let go for a week, parents who won't even consider letting their children go on a trip even though they're 20, parents who didn't care, parent's who didn't speak english or spanish but randomly spoke romanian, parents who pretended not to speak english, parents who are worried about the conflict in Mx even though we're nowhere near where the travel advisories are in effect, and finally more often than not parents who are actually cooperative .:)

I've spoken to many varieties of students too: Students who are super talkative & won't let you get a word in edgewise, students who ONLY reply in one word answers, students who are afraid to let go, students who are afraid, students who are adventurous, students that will only go if their friend goes, students who get jobs and drop from the trip, students who procrastinate in applying for a passport, students who are fake, students who love the Lord, students who are complacent, students that cannot wait to get on the mission field, and students whose lives have been changed by the trip they took last summer...

And more than any of these, I've talked to some awesome youth pastors that fight through the influences of the world because they want to see the love of Christ come about in the students that they mentor. These people are amazing, and after spending hours and hours on the phone with them, fighting in prayer for them, and through all of the worry about not making deadlines, and financial miracles happening, hearing the awe in the voice of what the Lord is doing is all worth it. I can't wait to talk to them about their trips after they get back and see what the Lord has done in the lives of their students AND adult sponsors.

All of the work is worth it.

Everything that we've done this year is FINALLY coming to fruition.

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up." Galations 6:9


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mountain LTE

Hello Everybody!

Over the past couple of days, I have just recently returned from a trip up to Estes Park, CO with a group of interns for what we call our "Mountain LTE". It was a great experience & I had a lot of fun climbing a mountain with my core and our cousin core's sister core (Haha, don't worry about it, it's a long story).
After a terribly long 20+ hour ride, getting lost in Kansas, and several breakdowns of our buses, we FINALLY made it to Estes Park 7 hours behind schedule. No worries though, it didn't effect any of our time in Estes Park. On Saturday, we had a free day just to roam about and browse through the shops. It was awesome because my family came up to hang out for the day with us! It was great to see them, and to spend the day with them.
On Sunday, our day started at 4 AM. We drove to the Rocky mountain national park & started our trek to the top of Hallet's(sp?) peak. Over snow and rock we ascended to the peak little by little, pushing to make it to each of the checkpoints. Our endurance was tested in many ways, but we prevailed and made it all the way to the top of the mountain. Pictures will be posted :).
After a brief respite at the top of the mountain, we descended with smiles on our faces and accomplishment in our hearts. We found that it's A LOT harder to walk down in the snow than it is to walk up a mountain in the snow, so as a result we more kinda tumbled, slid and skidded down the mountain. It was all tons of fun though. It reminded me how happy I am that I'm from Colorado, and get to be around mountains like this all of the time. No offense to Tx, or anything, but it's just too darn flat for my taste, and hot & humid for that matter. :)

Also, there will be A LOT more to come in the next couple of months, as I now have a LOT more time due to the end of classes. I'll definitely be posting things about my preparation to go to India as it draws closer too!

Be Blessed & I'll talk to y'all later :)